Dorm Décor 101

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It’s about that time again! School is just getting started, which may mean you are still trying to figure out ways to turn that boring dorm room into a place you can call “home” for the next… 9 months?


While this is only temporary and you may be sharing your cozy space with a roommate, putting up pictures of friends, family, pets, and even your inspirational quotes will help with transforming an unfamiliar space into a cozy home-away-from-home!


No matter if this is your freshman or senior year, these  dorm décor tips will bring to life the dorm of your dreams!


  1. Keep it simple

I try to  pick 2-3 colors you really love, maybe two neutrals and a bright color (for example, grey, white, and yellow) can help reduce feeling overwhelmed by decor options and make the room feel more pulled together. Then you can make choices for wall decor, bedding, and little statement pieces based on the color scheme.

Lace your style throughout your room, but don’t forget what goes up must come down. No need to go all out on a personalized headboard and a new desk/chair. Most dorms come with the basics: bed, mattress, desk, dresser, chair. Use what your school gave you, just make it your own – you’ll have less work when you move out, and you’ll save money by skipping on unnecessary purchases


If you just cannot bare your dorm, cover surfaces with blankets, tapestries, or table cloths. Is your chair as hard as a rock? Put a small pillow on the seat and throw your throw blanket over the back! Cover your dresser top with a folded tapestry and place your memorabilia and daily necessities on top!  These small touches add your personal touch to the place and make your room feel cozier.

2. Add your personality with statement pieces




Show who you are and your style off with statement pieces, for instance,   decorative pillows are a great way to add quirky bits and bright colors to your room without having to splurge. Just 3-4 pillows can do the trick. .


Let your magic happen with the bed, having a fun color or pattern – or combo– can focus the design of your room and  elevate your décor to pull the room together.

3. Make it YOURS!




Still have a stuffed animal or pillow you sleep with? Bring it. Sound machine? (I would talk to your roommate about that first.) Try and set up the space to feel familiar and cozy, so it will help you feel more comfortable adjusting to campus life (either for the first time, or once again).


And always, check your lists of what is allowed and isn’t, i. e. string lights are not allowed in my school, so I substitute this with a cozy bedside lamp. Can’t stand your mattress? Get a mattress cushion – I call them egg crates”, but they are basically a foam layer that you can put between your mattress and mattress cover. This will transform the provided lumpy and often, old as rocks, mattress into a soft, supportive bed that will end up being more comfortable than your bed back home.

Cheat Sheet:

  •   pick 2-3 colors and stick with them.
  •  Use small decorations such as photos, pillows, and tapestries to add color, style,              and your personal touch! 
  • Be strategic and selective with what you bring. You are the one shleping it to and from your dorm.
  •  Your decor can be functional! decorative storage is the best!
  •  Make it personal. Bring things from home that have sentimental value, this will help with homesickness.  

Happy Decorating!

Morasha and the rest of the Gilded Twenties Team.

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