Crystals 101

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You may have been hearing a lot about crystals lately and may be asking “what’s they hype? They are just rocks..right?” Well, We are here to help you learn about the basics of crystals. What are they, why are they used, and what do they do. .First, they are not just rocks.

Lets start of with understanding what crystals are made of. A crystal is formed by solidification of chemicals such as ions, molecules, and atoms. They have a repeating internal arrangement in a” lattice-like pattern bound by external faces.”   Everything –including crystals- has energy, auras, and vibrates at a frequency Crystals and stones can help us nourish, replenish, and heal our energy. Each crystal has certain purposes and vibrations. These vibrations can directly tune your own energy and vibration. Your energy will adopt that of the crystals. Not only do crystals and stones work on a metaphysical level to aid in emotional healing, but also can provide physical benefits (Alcantara).

The use of crystals and chromotherapy, or color healing, go hand-in hand. It is said that you attract the color and crystal needed to begin your healing process.

Along with crystals and stones you may have seen their connections to chakras.

It is important to understand this concept as well. Everything – humans, plants, and animals have a chakra system, or a living system of energy. Native Americans, the Inca and Maya, and even the Greeks recognized this fact. The word Chakra stems from the Sanskrit word cakra which means wheel. Chakra are our energy sources within our bodies. There are seven major chakras in the body. Each one is connected and/or associated with specific organs, functions, and emotions (Alcantara)

Our seven chakras are: 





Solar plexus——–self esteem

Sacral plexus——–creativity, sexuality

Root—————-survival, being, family


Now it can take some time to understand how to work with crystals. Our advice to you is to be patient and open-minded! Everything takes time, and crystals are no exception

Here are our recommendations for crystals and stones to start your holistic healing journey!











Rose Quartz


Solar plexus:



Sacral plexus:




Black Tourmaline


Caring for your crystals:

Once you have started your collection, before you start you need to charge them. You can leave them in direct sunlight/moonlight for 24hrs.

For me, the best way to clean your crystals after they have been used is to run them through the smoke of sage.   


Resources: Want to learn more? Check these out. Each source is filled with information to help you understand yourself and the benefits or holistic healing.   


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