10 Things To Do This Fall

The weather down south is still pretty warm but in stores – and on TV – hints of fall have started to appear. I’m jealous of those who live in the north, where the leaves have already begun to change and temps have slightly cooled. I’ve compiled a list of things for you and your loved ones to try this fall (or try again) that go beyond just pumpkin picking! And stay tuned for a special FREE giveaway at the end of this post!

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I HOPE you’re doing well this Saturday morning. I’m celebrating this mid-September morning with a cup of Seattle’s Best and a blanket wrapped around me as I rewatch old episodes of Charmed.

Nothing makes my soul happier than the weather getting cooler, the foliage turning vivid with splashes of scarlet, gold, and amber. I love everything about fall: the new TV premieres, the scents, and tastes – cinnamon, vanilla – the colors, the clothes, the weather, everything.

That’s why making this list is so fun and exciting for me! I’ve had so much fun brainstorming ways for all of you – and me and Mo – to reign in the fall season in both creative and inexpensive ways.

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1. Host a fall themed potluck and movie night!

Invite a few friends – have them bring their blankets and a favorite fall recipe – and set up the buffet on the coffee table or dining table and settle in for a night of fun. I love potlucks because everyone has a chance to bring something amazing and it usually means there’s more than enough food for everyone. If you need ideas for what to watch, I compiled a list last year of my favorite fall movies and TV shows!

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2. Find a local farmers market and head to it this weekend!

This is one of my favorite things to do in the fall! Not only is it nice to get fresh produce that supports your local farmers, but seeing the fall produce out always inspires me. Plus, there are plenty of vendors who sell special fall dishes and baked goods. If you’re not looking for produce, just plan to walk around and find something for breakfast there. It’s a great way to get outside and enjoy the seasonable temps!

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

3. Go see the best of your state’s foliage!

Ah, the colors of fall. I am obsessed. When we were younger, Morasha and I used to road trip each October to the mountains. One of the best parts about the trip was the drive up there, winding around the mountains and getting to see all of the bright colors. With the perfect fall playlist, this is one of my favorite things to do. The playlist below is so calming, moody, and warm that it makes those drives through the forest almost cinematic.

4. Corn maze!

You’ll be surprised how many farms set up corn/hay mazes for everyone in town to enjoy. Most cost $5-10 or include other things to do as well with the ticket like hayrides, pumpkin picking, or haunted house tours. Our local farm has apple cider and hot chocolate in front of the maze as well, which is wonderful when it starts to get really cold. To make it extra spooky, head to the corn maze at sundown (as long as your farm allows this.)

Photo by João Silas on Unsplash

5. Spend the day adding some fall touches to your house or room.

Nothing gets me in the mood more than adding a few decorative things around the house to bring the fall season alive. Some decorative pumpkins, the fall candles, and orange string lights always make the house feel magical. Doing this while watching Hocus Pocus or The Craft is so calming and cheering, it’s so fun for a little Saturday project.

If you don’t want to break the bank, check out what the dollar store has. They usually have tons of cute and inexpensive decor or items for DIY decor! I usually stock up and get so much stuff for under $20!


I also used this video to add some witchy touches to my room last year and loved how it turned out.

6. Visit your local city’s fall fest!

A great way to support your community and get in the fall mood. Our town’s fall fest is one of the best events all year, as the food is incredible, the stores have the cutest stuff, and it’s free. It also provides the best backdrop for some cute fall pictures!

Photo by Sebastian Unrau on Unsplash

7. Find a local café to read a book and enjoy a PSL at!

Love them or hate them, PSLs are everywhere. While I personally like my coffee a little less sweet, I don’t mind enjoying a fall-themed beverage every now and then! Whether I have material to study, a blog post to write, or simply want to spend the afternoon pouring over a new book, finding a coffee shop with great ambiance is one of my favorite ways to spend a fall afternoon.

Photo by andrew welch on Unsplash

8. Go on a ghost tour!

Another great way to explore a town nearby and support the community! Ghost tours are wonderful ways to learn about some local history while spending the evening with friends. Most tour guides are hilarious and every tour is different, so this is something you can do over and over again! If your local ghost tour looks expensive, check out Groupon to see if you can get a deal for a big group!

9. Take a hike through the forest!

If you’re looking for something to do with the doggos, this is a great way to get them out and about while enjoying the weather and the scenery! Depending on how far you want to venture out, you can choose a new hiking trail or your go-to spot. Try leaving the phones in the car, or at the bottom of your backpack on silent. Just enjoy the company, whether you’re alone, with the dogs, or with family and friends. Enjoy the sights around you, and the slight chill in the air.

Sometimes I like to journal afterward and reflect on how the hike made me feel. I’ll pick up a leaf or acorn off the trail and tape it to my journal, or do a quick sketch of the mountains I saw. Let me know how this goes if you try it!

Photo by Axel Holen on Unsplash

10. Have a pamper evening all to yourself!

Relax and unwind with a nice bath and some fall-scented candles. Maybe pop some Halloween cookies in the oven and find something spooky to watch on Netflix! Do a little mask (may I suggest the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask – this literally makes my skin GLOW), put your feet up, and paint your nails a nice warm neutral color!

Just relax and feel refreshed! Focus on your goals for this fall season and ways you’re hoping to find growth as the world cools down.

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Let me know how you are celebrating this fall season and if you try any of my ideas or have an idea you’d like to see on this post!

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