How To: Vegan in College

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Based on the topic of this post, I am going to assume you clicked on today’s post for these reasons:

  1. You are a vegan and want to figure out ways to enjoy and stick with your lifestyle throughout school
  2. You are interested in veganism or have just heard about it and want to know what it entails. I sense that you may want to give it a go and learn more about veganism.
  3. The word ‘Vegan’ has been tossed around and you want to know more.

No matter what letter you fit most with, I am going to help you out with explaining veganism and my top three ways – and how they worked for me – to stay vegan in college

Veganism is not a diet; it is a committed lifestyle. Vegans eliminate ALL animal products from their food intake and for some/most from their purchasing habits. Yes, that means no cheese or butter. Basically, anything that has come from an animal during any step of the production process must be eliminated from your diet.

Also, reduce and eventually stop buying genuine leather, suede, or animal furs! The vegan alternatives are just as fashionable and, in my experience, I feel better knowing I’m not wearing an animal. Another fashion tip to help the environment: buy second hand! Turn your environmentally friendly shopping spree into a date night with your boo or friends by going thrifting then out for a nice meal!

While you are transitioning- even if you aren’t – don’t beat yourself up over slips! It’s okay if you don’t realize something has dairy in it or if it was cooked with butter! Just make a mental note of the mistake and next time you go back order without dairy! It gets easier as these choices become habit! 

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1. Find Other Vegans!

Now for you guys who are starting out – and even for those of us who just want support and accountability –  this may seem intimidating and difficult! And for the first few weeks of my vegan journey, it was! Fortunately, my friend (now roommate), is vegan and guided me through all my questions and challenges. She helped me a lot, and it was great to have someone with me to keep me accountable and offer up tricks to make the transition easier.

I am sure there are others on your campus or at your work who share similar if not the same values as you do. Is there a campus organization for vegans? Or someone on your hall who is vegan or thinking of becoming vegan? What about in the city your college is located in? If no organization on your campus exists, create one! Not only would that look great on your resume, you are helping yourself and others learn more about plant-based living and will make some super cool friends!

If not – or even in addition to – the world wide web is your best friend. There are tons of amazing YouTubers such as KateFlowers, Raw Alignment, Ellen Fisher, Liv B, and Caitlin Shoemaker!  (Comment Morasha from Gilded Twenties Blog sent me!) 

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2. Do Your Research!

When I started, I did my best to educate myself on veganism. Learning about the health and environmental benefits this change of lifestyle could help me make is what kept me going!

Did you know, vegan diets can lower blood sugar levels and improve kidney function? Also, going vegan reduces energy consumptions, conserves water, and combats world hunger! **  

Also, use the internet/friends/books to find what foods are vegan and recipes! I love doing that research! Here are some of my favorite easy vegan recipes videos!I use them as inspiration and to give me ideas.  :


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3. Buy Fruit and Veggies

With all these vegan alternatives to meats and cheeses, going and staying vegan in 2018 has never been easier! These products are great supplements for you to join your friends in meals and on wine and cheese nights, but can also get pricey.

The best way to get your nutrients and stick to being vegan is to keep a good stock of food in your dorm! Buying fresh fruit and produce guarantees that you will have healthy nutritious food to eat when you are hungry! You can also buy frozen fruits and veggies if you have a microwave or kitchen to help make easy meals and save on grocery trips!  

When eating in the dining hall, go to the salad bar! If salad is getting old spice your meals up with grains, veggies, and legumes!

If your school/workplace doesn’t have many vegan’s options- talk to the people in charge or your Student Government Association! Ask for what you want, if you don’t ask it’s always a no. And in the meantime, get creative with what options you have. Just because there might not be a designated vegan section doesn’t mean you can’t find side options that are vegan!

Happy Eating! If you have any questions or suggestions for or about vegan eating in college, feel free to leave a comment below! Also, let us know if you want a master list of all my go-to vegan resources!

And if you visit any of the links on this page, feel free to comment that Morasha from Gilded Twenties brought you to there!

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